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The Beat of Life

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‘Twould be lovely if the beat of life were our favorite tune. Humming with Sinatra, M n M, Adele, Jazz, Rap, whatever. But, the beat of life is a concerto grosso. Fast, slow, melodious, dub-step! 


Resist the beat, lose the melody.


Best play along; get back in step. The beat of life is its own rhythm. A symphony of joy. 

Rest with the silence, move with the tempo. Stay the duration. Harmonize pitch and notation.


It’s just plain easier when our hearts pulse to the beat of life.


Author: Val Gee

I have published several books with McGraw-Hill. You can find them on amazon. Super Service 2nd edition, Business Improv, The Winners Attitude, OPEN question selling and The Customer Service Managers Toolkit. I run my own training company and travel the globe teaching customer service, leadership skills, change management and how to be the best you can be. I've been married since 1970, have two girls, and three grandchildren. I love doing new things. I've scuba'd, parachuted, and am an ordained swami priest. My newest passion is going vegan...but it could all change tomorrow.

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