What Would a Vegan Do?

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What if our only purpose is to love? Love ourselves. Love one another.


Nothing more, nothing less—just love.


To wake up every morning and think, “love!” To go to sleep at night thinking, “love!” And at the top of every hour throughout the day, “Love!” It’s the best reason to be on the planet.


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Feeling Good is Feeling God

Is it easy to feel good?

Yes said the caterpillar breaking free from its cocoon.

Do you feel God as you transform into a butterfly?


I feel good when I spread my wings. So yes, I feel God.


Try it. Spread your wings. Fly outside your cocoon. And be the difference you want to see in the world.

2013-08-31 10.07.04


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Sing a Carol

Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Faithful. Having Faith. Confident belief.

2012-11-24 11.56.04

Joyful and triumphant. Joyful… Great pleasure and happiness.

2012-11-24 11.44.25

Triumphant. Successful, magnificent, splendid, and victorious.

2011-10-11 17.33.21


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In the moment, in this moment is everything. Every opportunity is now.


Now replaces the past. Now makes the future.


Now I can take a new breath. Now I can breathe out frustration. Now I can breathe in patience. Now I can think loving, kind thoughts. Now, now, now.



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Lovely Life

Thoughts are the most powerful things on the planet. A bad thought can send us tapping the sidewalk.


A good thought can make us laugh like we’re on a carnival ride.


Who is in charge of our thoughts?

You and me. Even the darkest day can be lightened by a lovely thought. To be sure, it will blossom into a lovely moment. A lovely day. A lovely life.



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Misty days are mysterious. Full of hidden possibilities.


It’s good to get in the thick of it. Walk in the impenetrable mist.


From within the mist everything is wonderfully mysterious. All things are possible. It’s always my choice to see what I see. How miraculous is that? Kind of Mary Poppinsish!?!



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